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Dark Balsamic Vinegar (Thin)

Grovestone Dark Balsamic is our most popular “on-tap” Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. A superior balsamic vinegar,  it contains an amount of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar sufficient to achieve the desired density, and incredibly balanced and complex flavor characteristics. Rich in fruit and woody flavors, you get a rare yet very affordable Italian product with a taste that will delight the senses.
We recommend this product, especially with raw fruits and vegetables to bring out the fresh flavor of earth's bounty. Try a few drops in soups, stews, on grilled and roasted meats, and on chicken and fish to add acidity and bring out the intrinsic flavors. It is also served with pieces of parmigiano reggiano and taleggio cheeses, a favorite local dish in Modena.
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