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Champaign/Urbana Spice Gift Set

This spice set includes two great spices, Chambana Saltless Steak Rub and CU Bay Salmon Seasoning.

Chambana Steak Rub is a flavorful addition for any steak lover's favorite cut of meat – from the popular Porterhouse to a T-Bone or a Strip Steak. This smoky flavored mixture packs a little bit of heat without being too hot and has a hint of sweetness to it. 

CU Bay Salmon Seasoning is the perfect addition for salmon.  The flavor is savory and a bit nutty with citrusy notes and hints of herbiness. A quick sprinkle about 10 minutes prior to baking, broiling or grilling and you are good to go. CU Bay Salmon Seasoning marries with the juices of salmon to form a delicious crust (when baked or grilled) and is a savory retreat from the typical lemon and herb seasonings so common with most salmon recipes.

A perfect gift for any holiday, whether it's host or hostess gifts, grab bag gifts, gifts for the office or just about any occasion.  

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