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Welcome to Grovestone, home to the freshest selections of Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world.

Olive oil has been part of our family in Greece for many generations. It is more than just an ingredient. It is our passion, our tradition, our religion, our myths, our memories, and the smell and taste of our lives.

It is said that it is where the first cultivation of the olive tree worldwide took place. This happened in about 3500 BC in the Early Minoan times. In this period the olive tree was in a wilder form in comparison to the tree we know today. After 2000 BC the cultivation of the olive tree in Crete was very intense and systematic playing the most important role on the island's economy. The first export of the olive oil not only in mainland Greece but in Northern Africa and Asia Minor as well, started from Crete. Very soon the cultivation passed to mainland Greece and the olive tree and its blessed product, olive oil became synonyms of the Greek nutrition through centuries.

Manaki olive is believed to produce the most premium olive oil. Today our family’s olive groves are located in the Northeast side of the Peloponnese in Greece. Our olive oil is extracted under cold temperature pressing, from the varieties of Manaki and Koroneiki olives. As a result of the microclimate, the soil, olive varieties and the harvesting method, olive oil has distinctive characteristics such as low acidity -oleic acid <0.3%- combined with a unique flavor and aroma.

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