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Organic Greek Thyme Honey

This special honey comes straight from Greece, a country hailing more bee hives per acre than any other country in Europe. From the Greek island of Crete, this honey is sourced from bees feeding on the abundance of endemic wild and aromatic plants in the unspoiled mountain forest!

Please note: Crystallization of the honey is totally normal and a sign of high quality honey. To dissolve, simply leave jar in hot water.

Honey is nature's sweetener and has been enjoyed by humankind for thousands of years. It is rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and polyphenols that counterbalance its natural sugars and has healing and antibiotic properties.

However, most commercial honey produced in the US is mixed with sugar or corn syrup and depleted of its antioxidant nutrients through heating and pasteurization.

  • 100% pure, unprocessed, raw honey
  • Not subjected to any thermic handling
  • Rich in antioxidant minerals, polyphenols and bee pollen
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