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Green Pitted Greek Olives


You can almost hear the crunch before these olives even reach your mouth  

Sometimes a pitted olive is simply a nicer olive. Our world-renowned green olives show off what good pitting is all about:

  • our pitted olives never lose their shape, keeping their firm figure,
  • our brine will fill the cavity but does not increase the salt content,
  • our pitted olives never give etiquette dilemmas.

These wonderful, olives are always:

  • ready for a party, after school snack or an evening in front of the TV,
  • ready to be chopped onto a pizza or dropped into a salad,
  • ready to give mayonnaise a twist by chopping up with a squeeze of lemon juice,
  • ready to be stuffed by you with your favorite cheese or favorite nut. 

Size: 13.40 OZ

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