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Olive Juice Unfiltered Finest


Not all olive juice is created equal.  With other olive juice brands, the drink quickly overwhelms the imbiber with massive salt and chemicals, bringing on feelings of headache and queasiness.  With our olive juice, the drink, from the first to the last, is a pick-me-up.    

Olive Juice is different than olive brine.  The tastiest, healthiest olive juice starts off with the following trio: 

  1. Superior quality olives. A percentage of the olive’s highly valuable nutritive substances, which are found in abundance in the Halkidiki olive, are drawn into the brining liquid.
  2. An ancient curing formula.A fermented brine is an inherently hydrating, mineral rich tonic, elevating a Dirty Martini from simply an alcoholic drink to electrolyte powerhouse.
  3. Brine is not industrially produced.Large commercially cured olives, especially green olives, are often given a lye treatment to speed up curing.  This interrupts the wholesome fermentation process. We don't diminish this olive juice's nutrients or probiotics.
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