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Jalapeño Seasoned Salt

Use Jalapeño Seasoned Salt when you're looking for some subtle heat and saltiness on your burgers, burritos, chicken, eggs, enchiladas, homemade sausage, potatoes, pizza, rice, tacos, steak, veggies and of course popcorn.

A word of caution - as with any chile related seasoning we always recommend that you follow the "start with just a little" rule of thumb. The first few times that you use our Jalapeno Salt just add a few shakes until you're comfortable with the heat level. You can always add more fiery flavor. Our Jalapeño Seasoned Salt comes in at about a 4-5 on the heat scale of 10.

We like to use this more as a finishing salt than a cooking salt.

Ingredients: Sea salt, jalapeno powder, garlic, onion, pepper, and oregano.

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