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Blue Cheese Stuffed Greek Olives


This is an olive for the cheese enthusiast.  The big crunch of our world-renown Halkidiki olives ends in a creamy blue cheese center.   Our blue cheese is blended with a traditional Greek cheese Mizithra (mee-ZEETH-rah) which is sweeter and more nuanced and plays off the tang of blue cheese perfectly. 

T his is  truly  a savory combination while being low-carb, sugar and gluten free.  These hand stuffed olives can be served at any meal and as an appetizer for any occasion:

  • when paired with other cheeses,
  • chopped in quesadillas and sandwiches,
  • in any salad,
  • for a stylish, tasty topping on any pasta sauce,
  • and definitely as a side cocktail garnish.

Don’t toss that juice! It is perfect as salad dressing starter or add to the water for boiling pasta and will absolutely jazz up fried eggs; just drizzle in the pan.

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