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Greek Fig Spread, 25 oz

We have created a whole new genre of preserves. We have captured the taste and retained the health benefits of the seasonal, highly perishable fig for year-round enjoyment.

We captured the deep personality of this fruit because we hand pick Greek figs, at the peak of ripeness, and then dry them directly under the Mediterranean sun.  Real sun drying intensifies their natural sweetness and doubles their nutritional value.

Fruit from Greece just taste better; there are many theories of course. Some say it is the absence of serious pesticides while others say that mineral rich rainwater washes down from the mountains and over the roots of the fig trees. We say it is both and more.

This thick preserve is for  Spreading, Cooking, Baking, Accenting, Glazing, Topping, Complementing and Smothering Everything!

No Added Sugars and always High Fructose Corn Syrup, chemical, artificial preservative and coloring free. 

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