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Whole Sweet Florinas Peppers Fire Roasted

  Remarkably and refreshingly sweet, each pepper is a deep red or vibrant yellow and  only our peppers are certified by the American Heart Association® for their heart healthiness and nutritional value. 

Mediterranean grown Florinas Peppers are renowned for being:

  • wide-shouldered, 
  • have an elongated shape, 
  • tender but thick walled,
  • with large hollow bodies. 

We have selected the best of the crop, hand removed all the seeds and then fire roasted them over wood.  These large peppers require hand packing into each 1.06L Tassos custom designed glass jar. 

We fire roast over wood for several reasons:  Flavor- Real firewood makes the pepper sweeter and infuses the best flavors into them;  Natural - Natural firewood is one way to avoid  the use of chemicals;  Intense Heat - Cooking with wood gives off very intense heat which is perfect for roasting;  Nutrient Concentration – in addition, roasting makes Vitamin A more easily absorbed.

Florinas Peppers are legendary for their taste, texture and culinary versatility.

  • Stuff with cheese, rice, meats or seafoods.
  • Use for antipasto platters, over pasta, or on a sandwich.    
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