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Greek Seasoned Sea Salt (1/4 Cup)

Greek Seasoned Sea Salt can be used anywhere that you would put salt. Savory foods such as eggs and meats, or thick soups and stews are complemented nicely.  

Some people will put seasoning salt on their French fries, whether they are of the potato or the sweet potato variety. Another common food flavored with seasoning salt is guacamole.

Salads are usually not thought to be salty, but seasoning salt can be introduced to the greenest of vegetables and add something to the flavor dimensions of the dish. After you have seasoned it, dress your salad with a lemon juice and Grovestone Ultra Premium Olive Oiland enjoy!

The best way to make popcorn is with a bag of kernels and some Grovestone Ultra Premium Olive Oil on the stove top. Give yourself the satisfaction of making and seasoning your popcorn for yourself instead of sticking a processed bag in the microwave. We enjoy this seasoning salt as a topping on the finished product, which is also coated in a fine layer of freshly grated parmesan cheese. Simply delicious. The seasoning salt could even be added to the olive oil before popping the kernels if so desired. 

When making burgers this Greek Seasoned Sea Salt is a tasty, easy addition. Hard boiled eggs are traditionally salted before they are eaten, so this works in that instance as well. 

Mushrooms sautéed in Grovestone Ultra Premium Olive Oilhave the propensity to taste wonderful with Greek Seasoned Sea Salt. Pair this with garlic bread sprinkled with seasoned salt and some pasta with salt in the sauce and your happiness meter will be off the charts. 

It is excellent on corn, especially corn on the cob.

Ingredients: S ea salt, sugar, paprika, garlic, onion, mustard, oregano, celery seed, black pepper and cinnamon.

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